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We’ve been designing, installing, and servicing security and IT systems in Kenya which include CCTV Cameras, door access control systems, door intercoms, employees time attendance systems, IT equipment supply, on call IT Support, systems networking and office cabling, office telephony and conference cameras.

Over time, we’ve learned hardware trends come and go but service flexibility and dependability remains most critical, whether you’re a business owner, property manager, facilities manager, or general contractor.

We’ve put the insight into practice by not requiring the long-term contracts many security and IT systems providers rely on for their own benefit. That hasn’t stopped many of our clients from being with us for so long.

With 24/7 service and systems customized for any business, BoardTac Solution offer CCTV Cameras installation, CCTV Cameras maintenance, CCTV Cameras repair, video intercom installation, employees time attendance installation, video intercom installation, Office Telephony installation, Conference Cameras Installation, Office Networking and On Call IT Support to Offices, churches, apartments, gated communities, restaurants, coffee shops, commercial office buildings, industries and sprawling manufacturing sites. Your success and security is our focus.

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Security Systems Integration


With Boardtac solutions CCTV installation, you won’t have to deal with any hassles, tricks or pressure to make your decision, we will quote you only what you need and give you advice on what are best CCTV cameras and what locations will work better to cover your critical areas. The process to start working on your security system installation is easy.

  • Call us to talk to a CCTV Consultant. Let us know about your project. Get A FREE! assessment. Schedule the cameras installation. Start Enjoying your Security Camera System.


Watch your cameras remotely!

With our cctv remote access configuration included in the installation, you will have instant access from your phone, table or laptop, you will be able to check what’s going on at the right moment locally or remotely, no matter if you are at work or out of town, all past events and live-video will be accessible at yor finger tips.



Door Access Control

You can have cameras but they won’t stop people’s free access to areas of your office or building where sensitive information or expensive inventory is stored, a door access control will double your security and prevent unwanted visitors in restricted areas.



The benefits of an Access Control System

These are just a few extra security benefits you will get.

  • Changing regular keys to a  keycard or Code.
  • Limit access to specific doors or areas.
  • Managing users, keys, doors, and areas.
  • Quickly add or remove users from areas.
  • Get historical reports of user’s access.




Office Networking.
Boardtac solutions will run the physical wiring, install your Security Cameras, Keypads, Access Control, Smart Door Locks, and configure them to work on your computer Iphone or Android device. You won’t need an IT company to program your router, Boardtac solution will integrate your smart IP Devices to your local network.

Ethernet Wiring
Office, Apartments and Home network wiring service to connect not only your IP Cameras but also your Computers, Routers and Hard wired Smart Systems to your local Network.
Wi-Fi Extender
High Speed, long-Range Wi-fi extenders and Access Points can cover your entire office, big home or Store front with a secure and fast Wi-Fi performance for you, and your visitors.
Doorbell Cameras
Our doorbell Camera let you know who is at the door even if your are not home. Optional Integration with your DVR, and optional Storage available to record events.