Video Conferencing Installations

Video Conferencing Installations in Kenya

As more and more companies employ remote workers group meetings with presentation material can be problematic with just a phone call. Video conferencing solutions help your team keep current on organizational projects & goals and shorten conference calls. Help your team collaborate on complex projects to simple weekly conference calls. Boardtac can get your video conference systems installation online quickly.

While a built-in webcam is great for individual employees, a slightly more advanced but simple to use video conference camera and mic might be better suited for conference rooms. There are many video conferencing programs.

Whether for small business, corporate, government, education or even healthcare, our systems provide the face-to-face interaction for productive video conferencing, even when you can’t be in the same room. Our easy to use AV systems provide excellent sound quality for corporate office solutions for both new systems and upgrades.

Our technicians can design the perfect system, complete with hardware and installation to meet your unique needs for a top-notch smart conference room. We offer comprehensive video and web conferencing installation, integration, bridging and support services, and facility rentals at thousands of locations.

Our video conferencing systems and kits are fitted with up to date video conference software like Skype, Skype for Business. Life size displays allowing our user optimal video collaboration. Our video conference include: Aver Video Conferencing | Logitech Video Conferencing | Yealink Video Conferencing System Avaya Video Conferencing System Grandstream Video Conferencing System | Cisco Video Conferencing