Computer Networking Services in Nairobi Kenya

Computer Networking Services in Nairobi Kenya

The connections between your computers, servers, printers, and the internet play a crucial role in the performance of your business in Kenya. Your computer network, and each of its connections must be fast, reliable, and secure. BoardTac Solutions utilize industry best practices to ensure a stable network technology infrastructure that can comfortably meet local and international demands of your business. Our network and systems engineers have hands-on experience on various internet service providers in Kenya like Safaricom Limited, Wananchi Group (K) LTD, AccessKenya Group, Jamii Telecommunications Limited, Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Limited and will give you advice on the best internet based on your current location.

BoardTac computer networking services include;

LAN/WAN Design & Implementation

We design custom Local Area Network (LAN) / Wired Area Network (WAN) solutions that range from simple single-location networks to complex solutions for multiple locations and technologies in Kenya.

Maintenance of Network Systems

We provide regularly scheduled maintenance of your systems, so that your network continues to operate quickly, reliably and securely. In addition, we constantly monitor the performance of your network in order to provide proactive support and resolve potential issues before they become problems.

Performance-Based Testing

We test your network in order to identify issues and maintain or improve its performance. This involves evaluating download/upload speeds, throughput and overall network speed, delays, and more.

Security Analysis

How secure is your network and the valuable data you store on it? Our comprehensive network security analysis is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities wherever they may be hiding. This includes analyzing your network’s firewall, security software and settings, email configurations, regular software, and much more.

Our Other Computer Network Services and Solutions

  • Routing & Switching
  • Security Appliances & Firewalls
  • WAN Optimization
  • VoIP & Unified Communications
  • Wireless