Firewalls in Kenya

Firewalls in Kenya

Firewalls supply and installation services in Kenya. Did you know that every day, businesses are targeted by an average of 3.5 billion cyberattacks worldwide? That’s why securing your business is just as important as securing your home in today’s digital age. With the rise of cyber crime here in Kenya and above boarders, firewalls have become even more important, as they prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your data, emails and systems. A firewall can stop a hacker completely or deter them to choose an easier target.

What is a network firewall?

A firewall is a security device that protects your network from unauthorized access to private data. Firewalls also secure computers from malicious software, creating a barrier between secured internal networks and untrusted outside networks.

How does a firewall work?

Firewalls typically welcome incoming connections that are allowed to access a network. The security systems will allow or block data packets based on existing security rules. Firewalls build checkpoints that filter web traffic. These systems let you review and act upon rogue network traffic before the attacked network experiences any adverse effects.

With our dependable firewall in place, only trusted sources and IP addresses can access your systems. Most of our firewalls can also monitor audit logs to find connections and traffic that have gotten through. We let our clients use firewalls to gate the borders of their private networks and the host devices.

Fortinet FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls In Kenya

The Fortinet Security Fabric is one of the highest-performing cybersecurity platforms. It spans the entire digital attack surface and enables self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data and applications. Fortinet Zero Trust Access continually verifies who and what is using your resources. We supply and install fortinet firewalls in Kenya to optimize for internal segmentation, perimeter, cloud, data center, distributed, and small business deployments.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall features

Content Filtering Filtering


Intrusion Detection System Intrusion Prevention System Network Monitoring Next-Generation Firewall Reporting/Analytics SSL Security Vulnerability Scanning  

Common features of Firewall software

AI/Machine Learning API Access Controls/Permissions Access Management Activity Dashboard Activity Tracking Alerts/Escalation Alerts/Notifications Anti Spam Anti Virus Audit Management Behavior Tracking Compliance Management Content Filtering Customizable Reports Dashboard Creation Event Logs Filtering Hardware Integration IP Filtering Incident Management Intrusion Detection System Intrusion Prevention System Log Access Monitoring Multi-Location Network Monitoring Next-Generation Firewall Policy Management Real Time Analytics Real Time Data Real Time Monitoring Real Time Notifications Real Time Reporting Remote Monitoring & Management Reporting & Statistics Reporting/Analytics Risk Alerts Role-Based Permissions SSL Security Server Monitoring Single Sign On Spam Blocker Summary Reports Two-Factor Authentication Uptime Reporting VPN Visual Analytics Vulnerability Scanning Web Traffic Reporting


Sophos Firewall Supply and Installation In Kenya

Sophos Firewall enables you to extend your network anywhere, anyhow, easily and affordably, with a full portfolio of SD-WAN, cloud, and VPN secure access solutions that will integrate your distributed network together. Sophos firewall protect your network, users and data from evolving threats with multiple layers of advanced protection.


All the firewall features you need in Sophos Firewalls.




Sophos Firewall offers the best protection to stop the latest hacks and attacks dead in their tracks – before they get on your network.

Deep Packet Inspection

The Xstream Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) engine provides high-performance traffic scanning for IPS, AV, Web Protection, and App Control in a single streaming engine.

  • TLS 1.3 inspection

  • Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

  • Zero-day threat protection

  • Proxy-based dual-engine AV scanning

  • Perimeter defenses

  • Country-based blocking policy

Encrypted Traffic

Xstream TLS Inspection 1.3 with industry-leading performance, visibility, policy tools, and built-in intelligence removes an enormous blind spot in your protection.

  • TLS 1.3 without downgrading

  • Hardware acceleration

  • Intelligent traffic selection

  • Pre-packaged exception list

  • Powerful policy engine

  • Covers all ports/protocols

  • Supports all modern cypher suites

  • Unmatched visibility and error handing

Zero-Day and ML Protection

Sophos Firewall leverages Sophos’ industry-leading machine learning technology, powered by SophosLabs Intelix, to instantly identify the latest ransomware and unknown threats before they get on your network

  • SophosLabs data scientists

  • Multiple machine learning models

  • Static file analysis

  • Dynamic file analysis

Cloud Sandbox

Sophos Zero-day dynamic file analysis uses next-gen cloud-sandbox technology powered by deep learning and the best technology from Intercept X to protect your organization against zero day threats like the latest ransomware and targeted attacks coming in through phishing, spam, or web downloads.

  • Dynamic sandboxing analysis

  • Deep learning static file analysis

Web Protection

Sophos’ Web Protection engine is backed by SophosLabs and includes innovative technologies required to identify and block the latest web threats.

  • Advanced Web Protection

  • Pharming protection

  • HTTPS scanning

  • Potentially unwanted app control

  • SophosLabs

Synchronized Security

Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat links your Sophos managed endpoint with your firewall to share health and other valuable information enabling an automated and coordinated response to isolate threats and prevent lateral movement.

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  • Security Heartbeat

  • Destination Heartbeat Protection

  • Synchronized App Control

  • Lateral Movement Protection

  • Synchronized User ID

Advanced Threat Protection

Sophos Firewall delivers advanced threat protection to instantly identify bots and other advanced threats while defending your network from today’s sophisticated attacks.

  • Security Heartbeat

  • Multi-layered, call-home protection

  • Intelligent firewall policies

  • Traffic light style indicators

User Identity

User identity-based policies and unique user risk analysis give you the knowledge and power to regain control of your users before they become a serious threat to your network.

  • User identity powers all firewall policies and reporting

  • User Threat Quotient (UTQ) identifies the top risk users on your network

  • Synchronized User ID

  • Flexible authentication options including directory services

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) one-time password support for Access to key system areas

Application Control

Complete visibility and control over all applications on your network with deep-packet scanning technology. Synchronized App Control that can identify all the applications that are currently going unidentified on your network.

  • Visibility and control over thousands of applications

  • CASB cloud app visibility

  • Synchronized App Control

  • User-based application policies

  • Traffic shaping (QoS) prioritizes bandwidth allocation to critical applications and limits bandwidth for non-business applications

Web Control

Full visibility and control over all your web traffic with flexible enforcement tools that work the way you need, with options for user and group enforcement of activity, quotas, schedules, and traffic shaping.

  • Enterprise Secure Web Gateway (SWG) policy model

  • Template-driven activity control with predefined workplace and compliance policies

  • Education and SafeSearch features

  • Comprehensive traffic enforcement

  • Traffic shaping (QoS)

Content Control

Flexible, user-based monitoring and control of keyword content and downloadable content, including file types via FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS.

  • Web keyword monitoring

  • File download filtering templates

  • Policy-based outbound email DLP

  • Web caching

Business Applications

Combine next-gen firewall capabilities with our enterprise-class web application firewall to protect your critical business applications from hacks and attacks while still enabling authorized access.

  • Next-generation IPS

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Granular, user-based protection

Email and Data

Protect your email from spam, phishing, and data loss with our unique all-in-one protection that combines policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.

  • Full MTA store and forward support

  • Live anti-spam

  • SPX encryption

  • Policy-based DLP

  • Self-serve user porta