GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm System


There is no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to protecting your property and your loved ones. More businesses and homeowners are opting for wireless burglar systems because they outsmart the average burglar and are just as efficient as wired systems. Our wireless burglar set is a state-of-art GSM intrusion alarm system.  This alarm with complete new modern, science, aesthetics and stylish design, blending into your home & office decoration. Using professional vivid LCD display, you can setup and operate the alarm with ease, and smart illuminated touch keypad for easy operation. Thanks for embedded user-friendly menu system, it allow people to operate and setup alarm under 30 minutes. Additionally, The alarm system allows you to listen in at your side remotely via your mobile phone and control the alarm via text message. The system is right choice for intrusion, fire, gas leak detection, and suitable for your apartment, residential, office, warehouse, shopping mall, retailing store, mpesa shops and workshops.

Reasons to Choose a Wireless Burglar Alarm System

  • Outsmart Even the Most ‘Talented’ Burglar – While most burglaries are done by amateurs, there are some sophisticated home robberies occurring these days. A wired system can be easily disarmed by a trained burglar, but with a wireless system, a cut phone line will not deactivate your home security system.
  • Remote Access – Traditional, wired systems are not as easy to operate as wireless systems. With a wireless alarm, you can activate/deactivate from a smartphone app even if you are across town. Also, if you have video surveillance tied to your system, you can view video on a smartphone, computer or tablet regardless of where you are.
  • Cost Effective – Wireless systems are less expensive than wired, because they do not require electrical work.

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