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CCTV Security Cameras Installation Services

BoardTac Solution offer CCTV Cameras installation, CCTV Cameras maintenance, CCTV Cameras repair, video intercom installation, employees time attendance installation, video intercom installation, Office Telephony installation, Conference Cameras Installation, Office Networking and On Call IT Support to Offices, churches, apartments, gated communities, restaurants, coffee shops, commercial office buildings, industries and sprawling manufacturing sites. Your success and security is our focus.

CCTV Cameras deters theft and vandalism

The presence of CCTV security cameras in your property is enough to send most potential criminals away. When a criminal approaches the parking lot and sees cctv surveillance cameras, he’s much less likely to vandalize the building or attempt to break in. In the event that an incident occurs, our CCTV security cameras record wide angle and high definition footage. You have full documentation of the entire incident. 

CCTV cameras help keeps employees and customers protected

CCTV surveillance cameras offer both direct and indirect protection for employees and customers. Posting video cameras in the parking lot and on the exterior of the building gives people peace of mind while walking to and from their cars. If there is an incidence of harassment or abuse in the workplace, video footage may prove critical for taking action against the perpetrators. Video cameras also offer indirect protection by monitoring all building activity so suspicious behavior is spotted and addressed in a timely manner.

CCTV cameras offer increases accountability

Managers and supervisors may use video surveillance to keep tabs on employee productivity, determine if there are areas where employees need improvement, and ensure employees are adhering to company safety rules. Most employees and customers are unlikely to steal outright from a company. However, displaying surveillance cameras decreases the risk of employees taking extra long lunch breaks or playing computer games during work hours. When employees do steal from the company, it’s often in small increments  and may take years to notice. Video surveillance greatly speeds up the time it will take to notice this suspicious activity.

Documents customer records

Retailers use CCTV security cameras to monitor customer activity. For example, if a customer is attempting to return an expensive piece of electronic equipment but doesn’t have a receipt for it, video surveillance will confirm if she was in the store on the day she claims to have made the purchase and whether or not she actually purchased the item. Video surveillance may provide clarity for an exchange between an employee and a customer. For example, if a customer claims an employee was rude to her and would like financial compensation, the cctv video evidence will support or deny the claim.