CCTV Repair And Maintenance In Kenya 

CCTV Repair and maintenance is very important. CCTV camera locations and the nature of the CCTV Camera damage will dictate how often your CCTV system will need to be serviced. We recommend that a CCTV service be carried out quarterly. Cost-effective CCTV maintenance can save you money and keep your CCTV system operational longer. Many of our customers turn to BoardTac Solutions due to a poor cctv repair and maintenance from other vendors and once they come to us, they tend to stick around. This is due to our guarantee that we’ll commit to giving you the maximum value possible from your CCTV installation, whether you’re a business, education or residential customer in Kenya.

We make sure that:

  • Existing CCTV faults are repaired and resolved
  • Your entire CCTV system is fully operational
  • CCTV potential future problems are prevented


The Importance of CCTV Maintenance. By carrying out regular maintenance of your CCTV surveillance system, you will be able to maintain the serviceability of the equipment for longer, thus saving costs. If your systems malfunction, it is important that it is dealt with promptly to maintain the effectiveness of your safeguarding CCTV equipment.


Experienced CCTV Installation and Maintenance Technicians in Nairobi Kenya.

An experienced CCTV maintenance technician with an IT, networking and cyber security knowledge should carry out CCTV checks to ensure the CCTV surveillance system is maintained correctly, no IP conflict and cyber security best practice is in place. This is to avoid compromising your network. This will safeguard your system so it performs as designed when you need it most when an incident occurs.

CCTV Maintenance Contracts

BoardTac offers competitively priced CCTV maintenance contracts. With a CCTV maintenance contract from us, you will benefit from the following:

  • Keep your staff and property safe
  • Reduce call outs
  • Reduced CCTV support costs
  • Extend the system life of your CCTV equipment
  • Support for all CCTV security equipment for all manufacturers
  • Industry-leading first fix rates and response times

CCTV Maintenance Checks

BoardTac will rigorously test your CCTV equipment to ensure it is working optimally. The list below documents a sample of what will be checked whilst servicing your equipment.

  • Check with the customer for any problems regarding CCTV functionality.
  • Check the image on the CCTV system.
  • Replay CCTV nighttime footage to check IR functionality and focus.
  • Remove cover from CCTV camera and clean Perspex inside & out.
  • Clean and check CCTV camera and lens for signs of damage/deterioration.
  • Report on any CCTV temporary obscuring of image, e.g. tree branches etc.
  • Re-check image on CCTV system (view, telemetry, focus, interference).
  • Re-fit cover to CCTV camera and clean housing.
  • Check all seals are intact and functional on all equipment.
  • Confirm CCTV camera housing/mounting is secure.
  • Clean IR lamps/sensors and check the functionality of IR power on the light sensor switch.
  • Check back-focus on PTZ camera/lens.
  • Re-focus if necessary and confirm lens locked.
  • Visual Check of connections and cabling.


CCTV NVR and DVR Maintenance in Kenya:

  • Inspect DVR and NVR unit for damage/obstructions that might impair functionality.
  • Remove the cover to the DVR and NVR unit and check for blown caps, especially around the CPU.
  • Check all internal devices/wiring are secured and seated correctly.
  • Check functionality of all fans, and clean dust/ debris from all filters.
  • Replace cover and check all connections are working and secure.
  • Reboot PC checking as the system boots up for problems.
  • Confirm all NVR and DVR usernames, passwords and access rights are present and correct to specification.
  • Check system time & date is correct.
  • Check windows logs for errors/warnings, and all programs work correctly.
  • Confirm that the system server software is set to auto-start from boot.
  • Check in the system device manager for any hardware issues or faults.
  • Check drive management that all system drives are present and working correctly.
  • Run disk clean up on all drives.
  • Run disk check utility to check for drive errors.
  • Defragment system hard drive.
  • Look for orphan files and delete files being held beyond the specified retention period.
  • Run server software and check full functionality.
  • Submit maintenance reports to the office, including any recommendations for system improvement.


CCTV CAMERAS. Whatever the fault with your security system, our experienced engineers will find a solution to alleviate the problem, keeping system downtime to a minimum.

  • We provide a guaranteed Next Working Day emergency call out service.
  • Tailored response times can be agreed to suit your individual requirements.
  • BoardTac is committed to keeping you updated at all times.
  • Our engineers and office support staff will endeavor to call to confirm appointments, estimated arrival times and delays caused by factors outside our control.
CCTV Maintenance