Construction Site CCTV Security Cameras

Construction Site CCTV Security Cameras In Kenya. Construction site security breaches are a huge problem. Between theft and vandalism, construction companies in Kenya stand to lose quite a lot of time and money without proper security solutions in place. If you are a general contractor, electrical contractor, or managing a new building project, we will work with you to design, install, and service an affordable, high quality cctv and gate or door access control solution. We specialize in security camera installation, but also install a variety of access control, intrusion alarm, and structured cabling systems.

Protect Construction Facilities, Monitor Activities In Your Construction Site, & Deter Theft With Our Constructions Site CCTV Security Cameras In Kenya.

 Construction sites and job sites are targeted by thieves that are interested in the expensive equipment that is stored on-site. Typically, fences can be bypassed with little to no effort and are often not enough for your construction.

Our construction site CCTV Cameras help ensure early detection of intruders, giving you time to deploy deterrence devices or dispatch security forces in response to the threat.

Why Do You Need Construction Site CCTV Security Cameras?

30 percent of construction sites report on-site theft weekly. In order to prevent this from happening, construction site operators need to consider construction sites CCTV Cameras and other security solutions like access control systems. Our construction site security systems safeguard your site against costly losses, vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials. We offer construction site surveillance systems that are customized to address your specific security needs.

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Prevent Your High-Value Materials From Being Stolen With Our Systems. Construction sites keep a lot of high-value equipment, tools, and materials on site, especially when the work is done and all workers are going home. These expensive goods attract thieves that will eventually take advantage of the site’s vulnerability and attempt to enter it to do further theft or vandalism. Construction sites in Kenya suffer a lot from such crimes. It’s not just the cost of replacing the stolen goods that is a problem, but the delay of work and repair of damages are such a headache for the contractor and property owner. That’s why having construction site CCTV surveillance security systems and construction site security systems is critical to prevent these crimes from happening.

Why Boardtac Solutions For Construction Job Site CCTV Security Cameras For Your Sites Protection

·         Gate Installation Experts.

We are a group of security experts with a continuing education program for our technicians to stay current with security trends.

Easy To Manage

Our installed security gate access control systems give our customers control over access control for any door in business grounds.

Ahead Of The Technology

We pride ourselves for always being one step ahead of technology trends. We offer cost effective, smart solutions that give you versatility and control of your business.

Insurance Savings

We offer solutions for security and surveillance which saves you money on your insurance policy. Contact us to see how we can improve your security.