CCTV Kenya
CCTV Kenya


RittoTech CCTV preventive maintenance check:

  • We inspect all major components and connections for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • Inspect all control equipment (DVR, NVR, multiplexer, video switcher, telemetry units etc) for correct operation.
  • Check mains & power supplies and stand-by batteries including charging rates.
  • Visual inspection of environmental conditions for adverse effects, including growth or shrubbery obscuring camera views.
  • Check time and date settings in equipment and update the settings as appropriate.
  • Inspect the integrity of all cabling and sample check external insulation for damage.
  • Clean cable fixings for security.
  • Check auxiliary lighting equipment, infra-red units and photocells (if any) for correct operation.
  • Visual inspection of air vents are clear in all control equipment including PCs.
  • Clean cameras, lenses and housing surfaces as necessary.
  • Check all glands and seals on external equipment.
  • Clean control equipment surfaces including PC (if applicable).
  • Establish regular back-ups are taken.
  • Check camera is aligned to user specification, pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary.
  • Inspect brackets, towers and fixings for corrosion or damage. Check clamping bolts/brackets are tightened correctly.
  • Check wash/wipe units and wiper blades (if any) for correct operation and fill washer reservoir where necessary.
  • Inspect the quality of recording during day time and night time modes.
  • Check pan and tilt assembly (if any) including fixings, electrical connections and functions.
  • Test the satisfactory CCTV transmission of images to remote site (if applicable).
  • Endure warning signs are in place

How do i connect my CCTV Cameras to the internet?

Kindly follow the following steps:
1. Connect a monitor and a mouse to the your NVR or DVR.
2. Open the nvr/DVR Main Menu.
3. Click on Configuration.
4. Configure the IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway.
5. Open a Web Browser and insert the NVR/DVR IP.

What are the popular CCTV Brands in Kenya?

1. Hikvision Technology
Hikvision products feature top-of-the-line camera lenses with NVR and high-definition features are among the best CCTV camera brands available both in Kenya.
2. Dahua Technology
Dahua has 35 backups all-inclusive covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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