Nairobi IT Support specialist.

Nairobi IT Support specialist.

Nairobi IT Support specialist. We are trusted to provide IT support to businesses in Kenya. We offer Repair, upgrade and replacement of faulty equipment including, laptops, desktops, printers, routers, hubs, firewalls & switches. From maintenance and replacement of network cable to the planning and installation of new office IT networks, wireless network hubs and access points. We also diagnose network faults and speed issues to improve the efficiency of our client’s network and internet connection.

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Our mission has been to ensure that the benefits of information technology are not only distributed equitably, but are also used by our people to shape their own lives. We provide full consultation and procurement services for your new computers, computer accessories including UPS, Printers and laptops according to your needs, requirements and usage.

Whether it’s an everyday computer for normal use, multimedia & entertainment computers, portable/lightweight ultra-books, all-in-one desktop computers, performance computers, gaming computes or graphic designing computers and for home, small and medium businesses or large enterprises, we are able to customize to your requirements.

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