Point of Sale Systems in Kenya.

Point of Sale Systems in Kenya.

Point Of sale system in Kenya suitable to be used in any kind of a store and shops like wine and spirit shops, beauty shops, agrovets, pharmacy, hardware shops, gas outlets, phone stores etc. You can now manage your daily sales, inventory, purchasing, financials and customers with ease and simplicity. This comprehensive point of sale software is designed to meet all your business daily needs. It has got helpful modules which can manage your inventory, customers, sales order and so on more effectively and efficiently.

Inventory management – Keep track of your inventory

Keep your eyes on the stock levels! Easy manage and see stock breakdowns. Perform quick inventory counts for any stock level adjustments.

Inventory management

Simplified inventory management to keep your stock level optimized.


Set different access levels for each user and secure your business.

Split order

Ability to split and/or transfer order to another user.


Take care of your loyal customers. Set predefined discounts for items or item groups

Promotions & Happy hour

Schedule and select days of week when promotion will run. Apply special rates to products or groups and use discounts or fixed price.

Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo, web site or a custom text.


Add notes to receipt immediately after a sale is done. All notes are automatically printed in receipt and invoice.

Print stations PAID

Choose what you print and where. With Print stations plugin you can print to different kitchen or order printers.

Named order

Give descriptive name to open orders and track in-store customers easily.

Stock control

Get more control over your stock quantities with low stock warnings.

Get to know the total value of your entire stock.

SALES BY PRODUCT REPORT. Daily reports, weekly reports, monthly report etc

Sales by Products report

Profit and Loss Report

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