Boardtac CCTV and access control system installation process steps

Boardtac CCTV and access control system installation process steps

Step1: Free Consultation: A free on-site evaluation of your property. After our assessment, we will recommend a security layout and equipment that will best meet your building’s needs. Our security surveys includes security camera placement and a no-obligation project estimate.

Step2: Install Schedule: After a quote is agreed upon an Installation date will be scheduled.

CCTV Installation process

Step3: Execution: On your scheduled day Boardtac installation team will begin the installation process. A typical installation will look like the following (can vary depending on the project requirements):

  • Running cable and power
  • Security camera installation and mounting
  • Configuration of the system and network
  • Recording device setup (DVR or NVR)
  • Video recording configuration (Motion Detection and notification setup)

Step4: Customer Assessment: This is where you confirm that camera placement and recording schedules meet your requirements.

Step5: Training: The final stage of the installation process. We will teach you and/or any designated person, on how to use the system, how to search and backup footage, and how to access your security cameras remotely.

Access Control and Alarm System Installation services

Each Access Control system is unique depending on the type of access control you home or business needs, How many entry and exit points and how you plan to prepare access for residents or employees. Most access control systems include access control keys (card readers, fingerprint recognition, or key chains), electronic door locks, access control panels, power, and cable setup.

Access control

Alarm Systems are also unique configurations that depend on how and what you may need, and what triggers you need setup. A simple entry and exit alarm setup will take less configuration time than a project with sensitive areas, silent alarms, or alarm systems with Window and vault requirements.

Equipment and Compatibility:

For the most secure setup, your cameras access control and alarm systems will be setup to work as a team. In a case where an incident occurs, your facility will be prepared. When you choose Boardtac we are able to program the camera system to record video triggered by the opening or closing of a door or when the alarm is triggered. Setting up these trigger points ensures you are able to capture and record the incident on video. These triggers are setup to not only catch a perpetrator but to also prevent future incidents from happening.