what is a megapixel in cctv cameras?

What is a megapixel in cctv cameras. The CCTV camera sensor, also known as the imager, is an internal component of the camera that consists of a grid of pixels, known as photosites. These pixels capture intensity of light entering the cctv camera in order to record information about what is being seen through the lens. Once recorded, this information is then transmitted to the camera’s processor.

Typically, the more photosites a camera has on its imager, the higher resolution the camera’s footage will be. In most cases, a bigger sensor contains more photosites, and therefore is able to capture more information than a smaller one, resulting in higher resolution images.

     Source: Prototypr.io

Higher resolution video and images enable you to capture footage in greater detail and allow for enhanced zooming capabilities (after the recording has been made). High resolution cameras, such as Ultra HD cameras, are great for recording in large car parks, stadiums or crowded bars. However the trade off with high resolution (e.g. 8MP, 6MP cameras) is that the products are generally more expensive and the recordings take up more storage space. There are also implications for the quality of night vision, as the best low light cameras are often in the 4MP to 5MP range. 

Our selection of CCTV cameras ranges from 2MP cameras all the way up to 8MP cameras. As a result, we can offer solutions to suit everyone, from budget-conscious customers to businesses that require 8MP to capture fine detail. 

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HD (High Definition)1MP720p (1280×720) and 960p (1280×960)
Full HD2MP1080p (1920×1080)
Super HD or Quad HD4MP2560×1440
Super HD or Quad HD5MP & 6MP2560×1920 and 3072 x 2048
4K (Ultra HD)8MP3840×2160