Can CCTV Cameras be hacked?

Can CCTV Cameras be hacked?

It would be very unfortunate to have your CCTV security cameras become a threat to you. A hacked CCTV system can be used to spy on you or access sensitive data. Having a hacked camera on your premises is like having criminals at that place.

How can a CCTV camera be hacked?
To hack into your CCTV cameras, a hacker will just need to look for vulnerabilities in your network or security systems. These vulnerabilities can be found in your devices like laptops, phones, or in your network. If they are able to find vulnerabilities in your system, they can easily breach it and get access to it.

Once the hackers manage to access your network, it would be easier for them to login to your NVRs and DVRs. They can view, steal, delete, and alter your CCTV camera footage. They can perform attacks remotely from any corner of the world; they don’t need to be present physically. This attack can be performed with the help of brute force attack, spoofing attacks, and backdoor attacks.

How can I prevent my CCTV Cameras from being hacked?
Some common security measures can be applied to prevent hacking;

Using a strong username and password for administrative login

using two-step verification,

securing your wireless network connection (Wi-Fi)

installing firewalls between your device (camera) and internet connection

Updating CCTV camera firmware

Securing the tunneling protocol (communication protocol which allows for the movement of data from one network to another)

Using dynamic IP

Securing the RTSP protocol ( useful for transferring real-time data from multimedia to an endpoint device).

You should check for RTSP authentication before buying your CCTV cameras