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Boardtac CCTV and access control system installation process steps

Step1: Free Consultation: A free on-site evaluation of your property. After our assessment, we will recommend a security layout and equipment that will best meet your building’s needs. Our security surveys includes security camera placement and a no-obligation project estimate.

Step2: Install Schedule: After a quote is agreed upon an Installation date will be scheduled.

CCTV Installation process

Step3: Execution: On …

Heavy Duty Motor Siren with Strobe Lights

Heavy Duty Motor Siren with Strobe Lights. Boardtac solutions do supply and installation of heavy duty motor siren with Strobe lights. The alarm siren is suitable for homes, security systems, banks, offices, warehouse, stores, shopping centre, shops, factories, schools, hotels etc. The motor alarm is made of solid steel, and the surface is coated …