Electronic Door Locks For Hotels 

Electronic Door Locks For Hotels 

BoardTac Hotel Lock is a full-featured, functionally rich intelligent system with the power, flexibility and convenience to satisfy the needs of any hotel, school, apartment or hospital. You get a powerful reporting capabilities to enhance your hotel’s security. All system events are logged in details, so you will know what and who and when has done anything with leaving trace, and sort functions make it easy for you to find out the information you exactly need. All reports can be saved in office excel format, which means you can edit and combine different reports. Used in different environment like: Hotels, apartments, motel, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, leisure centers, and offices, etc.

Our hotel locking system consists of following:

      1. PC (usually located on the reception desk of the company, hotel lobby, hospital etc.

      1.  Hotel lock management software + Encoder (How the cards are issued)

      1. Hotel card lock (Installed on the hotel room door)

    1. Cards (The keycard to open doors)

    Card function:

      1. Guest cards: Guest cards can stay at the reception. The card is allocated start and end date/time for a room (rooms). Guests have to access their rooms by swiping the card on the door lock.

    Master card: Held by housekeeping to access to all rooms of the building, hotels/company.
    Floor card: Held by cleaning staff to enter the rooms in one floor.
    Building card: Held by managers to enter the rooms in one building.
    Emergency card: Can open all the rooms.

    Error Indications and Solutions 

    Q: Red light flashing two times with two “beeps”, it means the card belongs to other doors. Or when using the staff maintenance card-→ opening times used up. A: Use the right guest card to open door, or issue new maintenance card
    Q: Red light flashing three times with three “beeps”, it means the card time is not matching with the lock time. A: Guest card expire-issue new guest card, or update lock time.
    Q: Red light flashing four times with four “beeps”, it means the lock hasn’t been authorized.
    A: Issue a Function Card to authorize the lock.

    Q: Red light flashing five times with five “beeps”, it means the card has been suspended. A: If former card suspended, this card can’t be used .Use new card.

    Q: Red light flashing six times with six “beeps”, it means the lock is deadbolt working. A: When the lock deadbolt, only guest card and master can open door.

    Q: Red light flashing seven times with seven “beeps”, it means the lock has been blocked by the block card. A: In this case, only master card can open the lock. Or you can present block card again to lock to release it.

    Q: Red light flashing eight times with eight “beeps”, it means the lock was authorized by function card from another system. A: If you don’t know the code, you need to reauthorize the lock mandatorily.

    Automatic Doors In Kenya

    BoardTac Solutions introduce automatic swing door operators in Kenya. Automatic doors provide unsurpassable security and convenience for your customers, patients, visitors, and employees. Automatic doors are a popular choice for businesses in Kenya because they allow customers to enter and exit easily without the need to manually open and close the door. They also provide a touchless option, which has become increasingly important.