Video Intercoms System with Door Release In Kenya

Video Intercoms System with Door Release

How do visitors access your commercial building? If you don’t have a commercial intercom system installed at your property, it’s time to invest in one. One of the most important considerations when choosing a commercial intercom is whether it will have a door release mechanism. Your best bet is to choose a commercial intercom system with door release.

What is an apartment intercom system with door release?

An apartment intercom system with door release is a communication and access control system installed in multi-unit residential buildings. It allows residents to communicate with visitors at the entrance of the building and grant them access by remotely unlocking the main entrance door. This system provides enhanced security and convenience for the residents.

Door entry panel

Door entry panel: The call panel, usually installed at the main entrance, features a microphone, speaker, and a list of apartment numbers or nameplates. Visitors press the corresponding button to initiate a call to the specific apartment they want to visit.

Indoor phones

Indoor phones: Each apartment has an intercom station, which usually includes a speaker, microphone, and a door release button. When a visitor initiates a call, the resident can speak with the visitor through the intercom station and identify them.

Door release mechanism

Door release mechanism: If the resident decides to grant access to the visitor, they can press the door release button on the intercom station. This sends a signal to the electronic door lock at the main entrance, which then unlocks the door, allowing the visitor to enter.