Access control Biometric repair

Access control biometric repair. Boardtac Solutions is your number-one Biometric door and time attendance repair and maintenance service provider in Kenya. If commercial biometrics or door access controls fail at your facility, traffic within the building will be completely disrupted. This problem is costly and inconvenient, so it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Biometric problems that require our attention include clock errors and inaccurate timing in Zkteco biometric fingerprint access control and time and attendance devices, power supply, batteries replacement among many other issues. Problems with biometric loss of time typically occur when power is removed and the device is turned back on.

This causes the date and time to be lost. Unfortunately, technicians often have slow response times, show up without the necessary biometric tools, and lack the experience to troubleshoot issues. Many people are suffering, waiting for just one person to come and do the right job. We provide commercial door access control repair and maintenance services in Kenya with a focus on fast response times.