Biometric time attendance with a web based hr payroll system

Biometric time attendance with a web based hr payroll system


Biometric time attendance with a web based hr payroll system will help you manage your employees’ payroll, benefits, and expenses. The system can manage all the HR tasks and operations in one place. The system can pull employees attendance data from zkteco biometric which is then used by the system to automate employees’ operations from onboarding to offboarding. With our biometric hr payroll system, managing employees is never time-consuming, complicated, and prone to errors as it used to be.

With this biometric hr system, businesses can streamline their attendance tracking processes, enhance employee productivity, and mitigate fraudulent practices.


  • Real-time tracking.
  • Shifts & week-offs.
  • Employee perspective.
  • Overtime calculation.
  • Attendance rules.
  • Attendance automation.
  • Single click payroll.
  • Total automated reports.
  • Effective communication in staff & management.
  • Web-based Time Attendance Software
  • Flexible and Smart Shift Scheduling
  • Simple Access Control
  • Export of Attendance Report
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance Calculation and Reports

Boardtac human resource and payroll

Boardtac human resource and payroll system holds and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, and then helps you use it to achieve hrs’ goals. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, Boardtac gives you the tools and insights to focus on people.

Why Biometric HR System in Kenya? People are the key to workplace excellence.

If you give HR the knowledge and time to work with people, they can build the kind of culture, policies, and practices that set entire organizations free to be better at what they do.

Compensation Time Tracking

Time Tracking frees HR and payroll admins from messy attendance workflows and makes time entry a breeze for everyone at your organization.

Paid Time Off

Our HR system is simple and intuitive to use, so work can continue with minimal interruption. People Data and Analytics.

Employee Records.

Manage all of your sensitive people data in one organized, secure database. You’ll never need cumbersome spreadsheets or cluttered paper files again.

Reporting and Analytics.

Our HR reporting module makes reporting effortless, so you can create and share reports quickly. And with the information your reports provide, you can make strategic decisions with confidence.

Hiring and Onboarding.

Boardtac biometric time attendance hr system has a hiring module where hrs can pocket candidates data, so you can hire amazing employees anytime. Use Identity Access,

Time Clock Systems, and More to Help Your Business.

Keep track of employees’ time and attendance with biometric time clock system. This system instantly identifies employees using fingerprint scans and records time punches, eliminating the need for printed time sheets, timecards and employee badges.

Not only does it record punches, but it can also manage flexible pay periods, automatically calculate employee hours, and run payroll reports. Effective HR Biometric Technology for Less Than You Think Our time clock system boasts an easy-to-read zkteco LCD system with time and date displays, along. An audible beep indicates a successful employee punch, while a keypad allows supervisors to enter a pin for secure entry. No matter the business, our time clock has all the features you need to keep organized.