zkteco products supply and installation in Kenya

zkteco products supply and installation in Kenya

zkteco products supply and installation in Kenya. ZKTeco is a globally renowned provider of security, access control, and time attendance solutions.

The company offers a wide range of products and solutions designed to enhance security, streamline access control processes, and improve workforce management. Here are some of the key product categories offered by ZKTeco:

  1. Biometric Access Control Systems: ZKTeco provides advanced biometric access control solutions that use fingerprint, facial recognition, palm recognition, and iris recognition technologies to verify and grant access to authorized individuals. These systems help secure premises and restrict access to sensitive areas.
  2. RFID and Smart Card Readers: ZKTeco offers RFID and smart card readers for access control and time attendance purposes. These devices support various RFID technologies, including proximity cards, smart cards, and key fobs, providing flexible and secure access control options.
  3. Turnstiles and Speed Gates: ZKTeco manufactures turnstiles and speed gates that are ideal for controlling pedestrian traffic in entry and exit points of buildings, stadiums, and other facilities. These devices help manage access efficiently while maintaining security.
  4. Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems: ZKTeco provides a range of IP-based security cameras and surveillance systems for video monitoring and recording. These cameras offer high-definition video quality, remote access capabilities, and advanced features such as motion detection and night vision.
  5. Time Attendance Systems: ZKTeco’s time attendance systems automate the process of tracking employee attendance, work hours, and overtime. These systems use biometric verification or RFID technology to accurately record employee attendance data, helping businesses improve workforce management and payroll accuracy.
  6. Metal Detectors and X-Ray Scanners: ZKTeco manufactures metal detectors and X-ray scanners for security screening purposes. These devices are used in airports, government buildings, public venues, and other high-security areas to detect weapons, explosives, and other prohibited items.
  7. Visitor Management Systems: ZKTeco offers visitor management solutions that streamline the visitor registration process, enhance security, and improve the overall visitor experience. These systems allow organizations to track and manage visitor access, issue temporary access credentials, and generate visitor reports.
  8. Parking Management Systems: ZKTeco provides parking management systems that automate parking operations, optimize parking space utilization, and enhance security. These systems include barrier gates, ticketing machines, license plate recognition (LPR) systems, and parking guidance systems.

Boardtac Solutions zkteco products include:

  • ZKteco zk F18 Biometric Fingerprint Standalone Access Control.
  • Zkteco ZK-FR1200-MF – Access reader, Fingerprint.
  • FR1300 Slave Reader.
  • ZK FR1500 Fingerprint Reader IP65 Waterproof Door Access Control Systems Inbio, F18, MA300, tf1700 Salve Reader.
  • ZKTeco X7 Fingerprint 125khz EM RFID Card Tag Reader Keypad Door Access Control.
  • ZK MA300 Stainless Fingerprint Reader Outdoor.
  • Zkteco Zk iClock 880 Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader.
  • ZKteco K40 Network Fingerprint Standalone Time Clock Terminal.
  • Zkteco Zk iClock 360 Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal.
  • ZKTeco LH4000 RFID Smart Lock Hotel Lock.
  • ZKTeco S922 Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal.
  • Zkteco ZK F22 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control.
  • ZK Access TF1700 Outdoor Standalone Biometric & Card Reader.
  • ZKTeco LH6000 Hotel Lock.
  • Zk Biometric Face Recognition machine Uface 800.
  • Zkteco ZK MB360 ZKTeco Access Control Time Attendance Device with Face Recognition.
  • ZK LMB -2805 MAGLOCK.
  • ZK Access ZK4500 Enrollment USB Fingerprint Reader.
  • ZK Inbio 160 Zteco 1 door Controller 4 (2RS-485 Readers, 2 26/34-bit Wiegand Readers).
  • Zk Inbio 260 2 Door Controller 8 (8 (4RS-485 Readers, 426/34-bit Wiegand Readers).
  • Zk Inbio 460 4 Door Fingerprint Card Access Control System 12 (8RS-485 Readers, 426/34-bit Wiegand Readers).
  • ZKTECO Electric strike lock ZL-100.