Installation of IP based office telephone systems.

Installation of IP based office telephone systems.

Installation of IP based office telephone systems. Boardtac Solutions is a leading provider of communication solutions in Kenya, offering a wide range of services including the installation of office telephone systems, PBX systems, VoIP solutions, and structured cabling. We cater to businesses of all sizes across various industries. We are recognized for our expertise, reliability, and quality service delivery in the field of office telephone system installation in Kenya.

Installing an IP (Internet Protocol) office telephone system offers numerous advantages compared to traditional analog systems. Here are some key benefits of IP office telephone installation:

  1. Cost-Effective: IP telephone systems often have lower setup and maintenance costs compared to traditional analog systems. Since they use existing data networks for communication, there’s no need for separate infrastructure for voice and data, resulting in cost savings on cabling and equipment.
  2. Scalability: IP telephone systems are highly scalable and can easily accommodate the changing needs of businesses. Adding or removing phone lines, extensions, or additional features is relatively simple and can be done without significant infrastructure changes.
  3. Flexibility and Mobility: With IP office telephone systems, employees can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility. Remote workers, branch offices, and employees on the go can stay connected seamlessly using mobile apps or softphones.
  4. Advanced Features: IP telephone systems offer a wide range of advanced features and functionalities that enhance communication and productivity. These may include voicemail-to-email transcription, call forwarding, auto-attendant, conference calling, video calling, and presence indicators.

We offer supply and installation of the following telephone systems:

Fanvil Telephone Systems

  • Fanvil X303P Enterprise IP Phone
  • Fanvil x303w WiFi Phone
  • Fanvil x303g Enterprise IP Phone
  • Fanvil X3U IP Phone
  • Fanvil V63 Prime Business IP Phone
  • Fanvil V64 Prime Business IP Phone
  • Fanvil V67 Flagship Smart Video Phone
  • Fanvil X4U IP Phone
  • Fanvil X4G-FANVIL – Enterprise IP Phone with 4 SIP Lines
  • Fanvil X5U Executive ​Desk Phone
  • Fanvil X6U 6 line Ultra-Elegant Gigabit
  • Fanvil X7 High-end Touch Screen IP Phone
  • Fanvil X7A Android VoIP Phone, 7-Inch Color Touch
  • Fanvil H2 Hotel IP Phone

Yeastar Telephone Systems

  • Yeastar S20 – S-Series VoIP PBX for Small Business
  • Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX Phone System
  • Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX Phone System
  • Yeastar P550 P-Series IP PBX
  • Yeastar P560 P-Series IP PBX
  • Yeastar P570 P-Series IP PBX

Yealink Telephone Systems

  • Yealink SIP-T31P – Classic Business IP Phone
  • Yealink T30P Entry Level IP Phone
  • Yealink SIP-T33G – Classic Business IP Phone
  • Yealink SIP-T43U SIP Phone
  • Yealink SIP-T46U IP Phone
  • Yealink SIP-T48U SIP Phone