Schools time attendance solution

Schools time attendance solution

Technical Features:

• Schools biometric units with Time & Attendance Standalone Terminals are deployed at the main entrance of the school.

• All students’ identities are registered with their fingerprints and face images recorded for both time & attendance and access control use.

• All students are required to scan either their fingerprints or faces for attendance taking. All fingerprints and faces are read by the terminals. They are only eligible to punch in after successful verification.

• Access Control Fingerprint Reader is installed outside each classroom.

• All students are required to scan their fngerprints for verifcation. They are only eligible to enter the classrooms upon successful verifcation of the identities.

• All of them are centrally controlled and managed by the software.

• Students’ personal information, fingerprint and image data are mutually shared, thus not requiring students to register one more time for the access of classrooms.

• All devices are connected to and centrally managed by the software. Thus all time & attendance and access control data are able to be instantly monitored and reviewed by the management staffs.