Smart Wireless Door Access Control System.

Smart Wireless Door Access Control System.

Smart wireless door access control systems equipped with fingerprint reader, combination password and RFID Card reader technology. Smart solutions for access control , ideal for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities like air BNB, office, homes and apartments. It can also be applied in non-hotel places such as workplaces, sports facilities and all those environments where there is a need to control access. The device is designed for installation on the wall and via output contact drives the electric strike or the electric lock that opens. Designed and built to withstand any type of weather condition and to be installed anywhere to automate external doors or gates, armored doors, sliding doors, night doors.

wireless door access control

App control

Support Tuya Smart or Smartlife App control in IOS Store or Google Play. In the APP you can manage the open box/set box fingerprint / set password / share password / check open record and so on. Unlock and lock through your smartphone, share access and check unlock logs. Authorize access to your family or friends with a permanent or timed access password.

Biometric access control

Authorized persons gain access to the security doors by presenting their registered fingerprint to the scanner. Successful requests are confirmed with an acoustic message. Door access is fast, efficient and fully reportable, it also includes an integrated RFID proximity reader. It supports up to 1000 users.

Biometric capability and registration

The terminal can store multiple fingerprints for each person to protect it from damage or abrasion to a single finger. The registration process is simple and clearly explained and only takes 10 seconds per person. The terminal can store up to 200 fingerprint templates.

Door entry or exit scenarios

The terminal will connect to most interior or exterior doors, acting as a switch to open the door locking mechanism for authorized users. The terminal can be used in tandem with our biometric door controllers and proximity devices to manage entry and exit on either side of a single door or to control movement through two or more entry points. All devices are managed centrally via the Tuya smart or Smartlife App .

Permissions, schedules and real-time monitoring

Login events can be viewed via real- time monitoring and the assigned internal administrator can easily register and manage users. Also you can set time -limited passwords and eKeys for one-time access.

Wide range of use and installation

Thanks to its ease of use, it can be used both in residential and commercial (shops, malls, industries, banks, etc.). Suitable for any type of opening, whether it’s a simple door or armored door, rolling shutter, bar, gate, etc. Possibility of installation in internal or external environments (Waterproof IP66).

The features of the administrator are as follows :

  • Keyboard programming.
  • Adding a new tab via keyboard. TO
  • Adding a new card and entering the PIN code.
  • Changing the user’s PIN code.
  • Deleting the user’s PIN code.
  • Setting the unlock time.
  • Restoring the default settings.
  • Possibility of opening via smartphone application.

Features and Functionality:

  • Capacitive fingerprint sensor, touch key
  • metal housing, resistant to vandalism
  • Waterproof, IP66 compliant
  • One relay, 1000 users (988 municipalities + 2 panic + 10 guests)
  • PIN code length: 4-6 digits
  • EM card, EM+ Mifare cards optional
  • Card block registration
  • Tri-color LED status display
  • Integrated alarm and output
  • Pulse mode, alternating mode
  • User data can be transferred (except fingerprint users)
  • 2 lockable devices for 2 doors
  • Built-in light dependent resistor (LDR) for tamper protection
  • Backlit keyboard, auto shut off after 20 seconds

Tuya App allows remote access to the keypad for management, control, and monitoring.  Add, modify, and delete users, set temporary single use pin codes, add cards and fingerprints, limit access times, and view log. Requires connection to WiFi with access to the internet for Tuya App function. It is suitable for mounting either indoor or outdoor in harsh environments. It is housed in a strong, sturdy and vandal proof case.


Using the Tuya App, you can set temporary access pin codes that expire for single visits or start and end date / time for multiple visits.  The code is shared via email or SMS and the visitor enters the code on arrival to open the door / gate.  The use of the code is logged in real time so the administrator can see the code has been used.

The Tuya App works from anywhere as long as the keypad is connected to a WiFi source which has internet access. Note that the WiFi module in the access control unit is low power for security purposes and the realistic distance from the WiFi router is no greater than 8 meters.  

The wireless door access control has many extra features including lock output current short circuit protection, Wiegand output , and a backlit keypad. These features make the wireless door access control an ideal choice for door access not only for small shops and domestic households but also for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, banks and high security applications.  Other uses include temporary access for business or home, Air BNB access control, remote rental property access and many more.