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CCTV Camera Installers. Boardtac CCTV Camera installers has partnered with cctv distributors in Kenya to provide CCTV installation services in the following areas. We can now serve the entire Kenya for home and business surveillance system installations!

If you would like to schedule a CCTV …

CCTV NVRs In Kenya

Network Video Recorder

CCTV NVRs In Kenya. A Network Video Recorder or NVR is the device that enables viewing of your IP cameras security cameras onto one screen. Either a single view, 4 cameras, 9, 16, 32 cameras on one screen or you can build a custom view.  NVRs are responsible for storing all of …

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. This refers to the capabilities of automated cameras and video recorders. Essentially, a PTZ camera is set in a particular place, but has the ability to turn, usually in a complete circle, tilt at different angles both up and down, and zoom in on particular objects.

ptz …

Types of Bullet CCTV Cameras In Kenya

Types of Bullet CCTV Cameras In Kenya. These cctv cameras got their name from their long cylindrical shape. Bullet cctv are typically more noticeable and people feel that the camera acts as more of a deterrent.

Bullet cctv cameras are generally used on the exterior of buildings, although they can be used inside in certain …

Dome CCTV Cameras In Kenya

Type of Dome Camera

Dome cctv cameras in Kenya. The dome camera is named for its dome shape. You must have seen these security cameras in businesses and stores. Because of its shape, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the dome cctv camera is aiming unless you see it up close. Dome cctv cameras are generally used …

How to protect your family?

With the advancement of home cctv security cameras, you can get text alerts when someone pulled into your driveway with a camera system. You can even see and talk to someone at your front door when you aren’t home with a doorbell camera. With an alarm system you can have peace of mind that …



If you’ve reached the decision that you need security cameras for your home or business in Kenya, now it’s time to look at costs. Is it worth to hire a professional security camera installation company? What are the benefits of hiring someone else to install your security cameras, and is it …

Boardtac CCTV and access control system installation process steps

Step1: Free Consultation: A free on-site evaluation of your property. After our assessment, we will recommend a security layout and equipment that will best meet your building’s needs. Our security surveys includes security camera placement and a no-obligation project estimate.

Step2: Install Schedule: After a quote is agreed upon an Installation date will be scheduled.

CCTV Installation process

Step3: Execution: On …

CCTV camera mistake to avoid.

CCTV camera mistake you should avoid?

1. Installing Low-Quality CamerasLow quality cameras may reduce your investment expenses, but they’ll prove to be far more expensive in the long run.

2. Failure to Consider Storage Requirements.Make sure that you have enough surveillance storage to store enough length of video, or else the camera won’t be able to …

Are you Having CCTV Camera video problems?

Are you unable to access all of the cameras? One of the common CCTV camera issues is an inability to view all of the cameras. With IP CCTV, cameras must be connected to a local area network (LAN).

If you are unable to access all of your CCTV cameras and you know that they are …