Office Network Installation and Migration

Office Network Installation and Migration

BoardTac Solutions offers tailored business network installation solutions for small and medium businesses looking to establish or upgrade their office network in Kenya. Our services range from setting up a small office network to integrating multiple networks for larger spaces in nairobi kenya. We’ll help you set up all your local area network, connect all the devices, and ensure your networked computers, printers and other devices can transfer data efficiently.

If you have more than one computer, printer, cctv, access control or office IP telephone system, you are going to want a network . If you are moving into a new premises then the network points are probably not exactly where you want them to be. We can move network points and add additional sockets for both computers and telephone systems. We can also extend existing networks by adding more data cabling or providing wireless connection to an existing wired network.

We can supply all the necessary hardware and software including cable installation, full wireless coverage, patch panel setup and network security. We can provide you with a network that suits your situation and needs, so whether you are moving into new premises or just want to improve your existing network, give us a call to discuss your network.

Computer Setup and Network Installation for New Offices

Setting up a new office, whether your business is brand new or expanding into a new location, can be challenging and intimidating. Our team of network technicians can help make your new office set-up and move seamless and easy with our New Office IT Set-up services.

We can provide you with a complete solution – from Network Set-up and Consultation, Hardware and Software procurement, and Network Installation, Computer and Network deployment, Data Migration, and long-term maintenance.

Our IT Services and Network Installation Include:

  • IT network set-up consulting.
  • Hardware and Software purchasing.
  • Cable installation and network system set-up.
  • Desktop equipment deployment and installation service (PC, Printers etc.)
  • Internet set-up.
  • Emails set-up.
  • Data Migration.
  • Security and Virus Protection Plan.
  • Data Back-up and Recovery Plan.
  • VoIP Office Phones Installation.
Boardtac Network and IT Solutions
Network Installation – Everything Your Business Needs In Kenya
Access Point: Boardtac network access points provide access to wireless internet facilities. Usually access points are a more dedicated system than a simple router set-up, with access points used to extend wireless coverage across a large area from a wireless router.
Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is transferred through a network or over an internet connection, which is measured in bits per second. The higher your bandwidth is, the more data that can be transferred.
Cloud Computing: Cloud computing refers to various online services, particularly the ability to store, edit and retrieve your files online by using online data storage like microsoft 365.
Ethernet: Ethernet is a collection of computer network technologies that are used in almost all local area networks (LANs).
Fibre Optic Cable: Fibre optic cables are cables that use filaments of glass to transfer data using light.
Internet Protocol (IP): IP address refers to the standard set of rules for sending and receiving data through the internet and is the primary protocol that establishes the internet.
LAN: LAN stands for Local Area Network. LAN is a network that is limited in size, usually within a business, school, university or house. LANs can be wired (using Ethernet) or wireless.
WAN: A Wide Area Network (WAN) is network that spans across metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries and is often used by large businesses and government organizations.
WiFi: Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows devices to wirelessly connect to networks, including the internet.

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