Boardtac cctv cameras

Professional Security Camera Installation

Boardtac solutions CCTV professionals and system installers carefully select, place, and integrate every security system component to ensure smooth operation and compatibility. This assures that the CCTV security camera system operates as intended to reduce security risks.

We have years of experience in planning, customizing, and installing comprehensive CCTV systems. We offer IP video surveillance systems, indoor and outdoor CCTV camera systems, and cutting-edge video analytics. We specialize in designing and installing business CCTV security camera systems. Designing a surveillance camera system for a new property can be overwhelming. Our security professionals understand this and take the time to assess your property and learn about your business to address your CCTV installation needs. We design and install a business security camera solution that meets those objectives, and we tweak the system design as your business grows and your security needs change.


Our engineering team leverages years of experience to identify security vulnerabilities and design a security camera system that proactively and reactively mitigates these vulnerabilities. We select, install, and configure technology to optimize the functionality of the entire security camera system. We understand that a security camera system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy, and we treat it as such. We act as a trusted partner and extension of your business as we design, install, service, and monitor your security camera solution.

Commercial CCTV installation services

As Kenya’s premier commercial and home security company, Boardtac Solutions protects a lot of facilities. Serving our customers extends beyond installing a security camera system. We pride ourselves on being your local security partner, while delivering world-class security solutions.

Advanced cctv cameras with mobile application

Our high-quality surveillance technology is designed to deliver reliable footage that can even be viewed directly on your mobile device. You can also have automatic alerts pushed to your devices when cameras detect motion or other sensory triggers.

CCTV Cameras upgrades

If your business needs a security upgrade but you’re not sure where to turn, look no further than Boardtac solutions. Our commercial security camera installers are well-trained experts who will work with you to design the most effective layout and ensure you get the features you desire. We operate nationwide, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! No one’s livelihood should ever be at risk, so protect yours with the help of our CCTV/Video Surveillance Installation Service.