Microsoft 365 Administrator In Kenya

Microsoft 365 Administrator In Kenya. We have on call Microsoft 365 administrator to sort out all issues related to Microsoft 365 in Kenya.

What Our Microsoft Office administrators Do?

Boardtac Microsoft Office 365 administrator is an individual authorized by our client to help in setting up changes for other computer users and training users on how to use microsoft 365. Some of the settings our microsoft 365 administrator assist in include security and file access settings, software and hardware installation, and alterations to user accounts.

What are the main responsibilities Boardtac Microsoft 365 administrator?

Some of the main responsibilities of our on call Microsoft 365 administrator include managing the daily Microsoft Office 365 operations that occur in your business and troubleshooting Microsoft 365 related problems. These involve making groups and adding new users to the platform, setting user permissions for new and existing users, and troubleshooting issues that arise (hardware or software-related problems).

However, Boardtac Microsoft 365 administrators also handle many other essential duties. Some examples include dealing with technical glitches or issues such as user authentication problems and offering training courses for employees to help them use the platform effectively. 

Which levels of MS Office 365 administration should you be aware of?

It is good to be aware that MS Office 365 administration has several main levels. The first is the helpdesk administration, while the second is the global administration role.

What is a helpdesk administrator for MS Office 365?

A helpdesk administrator for MS Office 365 with permissions to reset passwords, track and handle service requests, and force a sign-out process for users. We train employees and help them navigate helpdesk platform and roles within Microsoft 365 in Kenya. You don’t have to be an IT officer to be a Microsoft helpdesk as our team of Microsoft 365 expert will train you and help you navigate.

What is a global administrator for MS Office 365?

A global administrator for MS Office 365 is assigned global access to the management features for various services. Someone in this role can reset all users passwords, manage domains (and add them), and unblock other global admins. Boardtac solutions Microsoft 365 administrator will offer you training in regards to Microsoft 365 global administration.

Which other levels of MS Office 365 administration exist?

There are several other MS Office 365 administration levels, and each requires specific skills. Boardtac solution Microsoft 365 experts are equipped with knowledge and expertise of the below Microsoft 365 administration:

1. Group administrators

These require knowledge of how to modify Microsoft 365 groups, update the creation of groups, and change the security groups of the Azure Active Directory. You can always reach for assistance.

2. License administrators

A License administrator should be able to assign product licenses to different groups and reprocess assignments for licenses.

3. Exchange administrators

An Exchange administrator should know how to recover and find a deleted item in a mailbox or establish “send on behalf” settings. We will train your employees tasked with the duties of exchange administration.

4. Billing administrators

A Billing administrator will handle all billing-related tasks and modify or manage Azure portal support tickets.

5. Office applications administrators

An Office applications administrator should know how to handle service requests and cloud-related policies. They should also be able to monitor the service health of applications.

6. Teams administrators

Teams administrators should understand how to manage different meetings and conference bridges. They should also know how to handle organization-wide settings.

Other Key Responsibilities Of Our Microsoft 365 include:

  • Provide complete administration of the Microsoft 365 environment and its capabilities.
  • Testing, implementation, and deployment of Exchange Online.
  • Implement and support security policies, such as data retention.
  • Support the messaging environment in the Cloud (Microsoft 365).
  • Review, test, and make recommendations for standard email practices.
  • Anti-spam filtering, logging and email tracking and transport rules.
  • Primary On-site support for Microsoft 365 issues.
  • Support Single Sign-On using Active Directory Federation Services with Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Help ensure team performance meets or exceeds defined Service Level Agreements.
  • Perform migrations and deployments related to the building, upgrade and maintenance of MS Exchange.
  • Monthly audits on the Active Directory environment to reconcile users.
  • Troubleshoot active sync issues with mobile devices.
  • Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft 365 Teams.
  • Create security and distribution groups in Active Directory.
  • Assigned group, file level permissions in Active Directory.
  • Train local support team members, Relationship Managers and Data Analysts on incident origination processes and modifications implemented within the ticketing system.

You can reach us on +254-700-018-344 | for any Microsoft 365 administration assistance and troubleshooting.